White Papers

White Papers are designed to educate the many stakeholders of the telecommunications industry including structure owners, end users (antenna owners), manufacturers, engineers, general contractors and regulators. They are generally compiled based on a collaborative effort of a team of subject matter experts who provide an in-depth synopsis of a specific topic and provide new ideas in an attempt to advance the industry.

White Papers are intended to educate the industry on new technologies and best practices, but they should never be solely replied upon. It is not the intent of the authors, editors, or publishers to have the White Papers take the place of the proper application of standards, regulations or codes. Instead it is their hope that the documents be used to increase awareness, discussion, and consensus on the subject matter to drive the industry forward. Readers are expected to use their best judgement when applying information supplied in the White Papers to specific circumstances and conditions.

These documents are not a standards. These documents only represent the comments and opinions of the authors and is not intended to supersede, modify or interpret any statute, rule, regulation or other industry or TIA Standard. The publication of these documents does not represent the position or endorsement of TIA or TIF.

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