Board Member

Carlo Franceschino, P.Eng

Vice President of Engineering Solutions
Sabre Industries, Inc.

Carlo leads product development, design and optimization for Sabre’s Telecom Structures division to create efficient lowest-overall-cost solutions, enhance product quality, and improve cost containment efforts through engineering solutions. He has experience in developing standardized tower series, modifications, mounts and components, and finding economical solutions to complex problems. An engineer in the tower industry with more than 20 years of experience, Carlo has been involved in the design, analysis or inspection of over 1,000 towers for the communications industry, ranging from tall broadcast towers to small cell towers for 4G and 5G, and including all types of towers: guyed, self-supporting lattice, monopoles and architectural structures. He is part of TR-14, the committee responsible for the ANSI/TIA-222 tower standard, and participates in white paper and technical groups. Carlo holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Management degree in Civil Engineering from McMaster University.

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