Topic Title
TIA 222 H IBC Relationship
Maintenance and Condition Assessment of Telecommunications Structures
Mount Constructability Considerations
Mount Serviceability v. Structural Integrity
Cell Site Vegetation Management
Structural Engineering Scoping on a Concealment Structure
UAS (Crash Test)
UAS (Mappings/Model Accuracy)
Intended Use of Structures
History of TIF Board
Introduction to TR-60
Changed Condition
White Paper Development Process
Drones in Wireless
Proper Installation Techniques for Collar Mounts
Code-Required Special Inspections
Telecommunications Industry Resources
RF Safety PAN Update
FCC Resources
Foundations WP
Consistent Use of Mount Rigging Plans
Dish Path #2
Updates to A10.48/TIA-322
Monopole Reinforcing
Decommissioning a Tower
Construction & Maintenance of Small Cell Sites Best Practices
EOR Responsibility on Rooftop Sites
Temporary Loading of Mounts
Project Structure
Engineering on DSA Sites (California)
Proper Installation Techniques for Collar Mounts
Pipe/Round Bracing Members
Engineering Judgement
Intended Use of Structures Update
Mount to Tower Leg Interaction
Rooftop Analysis/Modification
Updates to TIA-222-Rev I
Fatigue Considerations on Telecommuncations Communication Poles
What will occur after a disaster?
Tower Structural defects vs. maintenance issues: What is Cause for Concern?
Walking working surfaces/Rooftops
A10.48 Key Areas and Overviews
Part II – capstan hoists
Interupted Safety Climb/Climbing Facilities
Gin Pole
Hardware Procurement Supply Chain
Engineering Best Practice for Collar Clamp Design/Threaded Rods
Water Tank Analysis/Modification
Tower Climber Resources
Line Pull & Tag Forces
Rigging to Mounts
General Contractor Common Misconceptions
OSHA Compliance Assistance
Fall Zone Letters
FAA Lighting
Safety Climb #2
Traffic Control
Computational Flud Dyanmics (CFD) Wind Analysis
Induced Current on Cranes from Transmission Towers
Telecommunications Industry Accronyms
Round Tower Members
Avian considerations for Telecommuncaitons Towers
Risk Categorization
Target Reliability of Structures
TIA-5053 Instructional Videos
Designing Cell sites in a Flood Plain
What will occur after a disaster?
Mounts vs. Towers: Exposure, Topo, Risk Category
Gin Pole