Topic Title
Network Performance Impacts v. Structural Integrity
Mount Constructability Considerations
Cell Site Vegetation Management
Structural Engineering Scoping on a Concealment Structure
Telecommunications Industry Resources
Construction & Maintenance of Small Cell Sites Best Practices
Microwave Antenna Site Selection
UAS (Crash Test)
Drones in Wireless
Project Structure
White Paper Development Process
Code-Required Special Inspections
TIA 222 H IBC Relationship
Design, Planning and Permitting of Small Cell Sites
Rooftop Analysis/Modification
EOR Responsibility on Rooftop Sites
Monopole Reinforcing
Consistent Use of Mount Rigging Plans
Pipe/Round Bracing Members
Avian considerations for Telecommuncations Towers
Communication Best Practices for Communication on Mount/Tower Impacts
Temporary Loading of Mounts
Updates to A10.48/TIA-322
Updates to TIA-222-I
Things to consider for properly taking down a structure (Tower Decommisioning)
Mount to Tower Leg Interaction
Fiber Boring
Engineering on DSA Sites (California)
FAA requirements in pre-design/site acquisition
Interupted Safety Climb/Climbing Facilities
Fatigue Considerations on Telecommuncations Communication Poles
Tower Structural defects vs. maintenance issues: What is Cause for Concern?
Walking working surfaces/Rooftops
A10.48 Key Areas and Overviews
Part II – capstan hoists
Snug-Tight Condition
Intended Use of Structures Update
Water Tank Analysis/Modification
General Contractor Common Misconceptions
Proper Installation Techniques for Collar Mounts
Mount Documentation Requirements per TIA-5053
Engineering Best Practice for Collar Clamp Design/Threaded Rods
Line Pull & Tag Forces
Rigging to Mounts
OSHA Compliance Assistance
Fall Zone Letters
Network Perfomance Impacts/Design Considerations on Rooftop Sites
Concealment Pole Challenges
Computational Flud Dyanmics (CFD) Wind Analysis
Induced Current on Cranes from Transmission Towers
Telecommunications Industry Accronyms
Designing Cell sites in a Flood Plain
What will occur after a disaster?