There have been recent FAA and FCC regulation changes in aviation obstruction lighting, marking, and monitoring of towers. Recent and upcoming lighting requirement changes and the relationship between FAA, FCC, and the telecommunications industry are elaborated further in this PAN. See below for additional details discussed:

  • Recent Development and changes
    • Marking requirements
    • E-2 maximum heights
    • Avian-friendly configurations
  • Upcoming regulations
    • Covered towers
    • MET Towers
  • FAA Determination Letters
  • Proper Monitoring and Documentation
  • Standards and Advisories
    • Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Title 47
    • FAA Advisory Circulars
      • AC 150/5345-43
      • AC 70/7460-1
    • FCC
      • CFR 27.56
      • Antenna Structure Registration (FCC Form 854R)
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