Injuries suffered in the telecommunications industry can be catastrophic to businesses. To mitigate this potential exposure, businesses should acquire insurance types and limits that will enable their company to perform work in the industry while offering protection against damages from most accidents. Businesses are encouraged to always read their insurance policies to ensure they are aware of any exclusions in coverage, especially if a policy is obtained from a non-admitted insurance carrier. Some of the common exclusions in highly customized general liability policies from non-admitted carriers are:

  • Exclusion for bodily injury to contractors’ or subcontractors’ employees (workers’ compensation policies do not always cover every expense, damage, and indemnification obligation arising out injuries to workers).
  • Hight related policy exclusion (typically 3 stories or 36 feet).
  • Specific state exclusions (coverage not valid in certain states).
  • Independent Contractors Limitation of coverage.
  • Cross Liability exclusion (excludes coverage for certain claims by an insured against another insured).
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