Part three of the Mobile Elevated Work Platform (“MEWP”) series focuses on the use of MEWP’s as it pertains to small cell installations.

Working on small cell installations presents unique challenges to the telecommunications technicians that do not exist on traditional sites. One of the challenges that technicians face is pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. On small cell sites, technicians must understand how to safely wok around overhead and underground infrastructure and public right of ways. The following topics are covered:

  • What is a small cell installation?
  • Establishing a Job Hazard Assessment (“JHA”)
    • Proper PPE
    • Utilizing a MEWP in and around public access / right of ways
  • Minimum Approach Distances, or “MAD”
  • Pole climbing access
  • Motor vehicle traffic control and developing a proper traffic control plan
  • Pedestrian control and public safety
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