When safety climb wire ropes are routed outside the intended path, stretched, pinched, or otherwise obstructed, they are rendered ineffective at providing fall protection for climbers.

Assessing the integrity of existing safety climb systems and understanding what to do when conflicts between the existing system and proposed equipment arise is essential to safely using safety climb systems. Additionally, when issues are observed with existing systems, proper steps should be taken to ensure that no one climbs without a fall protection plan. The following concepts are reviewed in this PAN:

  • Installing New Equipment on The Tower
    • Avoid damaging the safety climb system during installation
    • What to do if proposed equipment will interfere with the safety climb system
  • Safety Climb System Inspections
    • Visual Inspection
    • Load Test
    • How to proceed if issues arise during inspection
  • Safety Climb System Requirements
    • TIA-222-G Section 12
    • ANSI A14.3-1992 Section 7.0
    • OSHA
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