To further clarify the performance and intent of step bolts as part of a climbing facility, testing was conducted to verify current engineering design methodology.

Additionally, the testing served to support enhancements to the ANSI/TIA-222 Standard by clarifying step bolt geometry, strength, and installation requirements. Testing is a useful tool that serves to validate design intent and drive innovation and safety. With respect to step bolts, testing resulted in the following findings and updates to standards:

  • NATE Testing (Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association)
    • Step bolts are intended for access and egress purposes only
    • Step bolts should never be used as fall protection anchorage
    • Step bolt clips should be properly inspected
  • TIA TR14 Committee updates to ANSI/TIA-222 Standards
    • Section 12.5.1 – Step Bolt Design Requirements
    • Section 12.6 – Step Bolt Installation Requirements
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