Quality, safety, and productivity are not isolated concepts, they have a symbiotic relationship that can greatly impact telecommunications infrastructure.

Poor quality and safety can lead to less productivity which all create additional burdens for Stakeholders such as multiple mobilizations to site and additional rework. Conversely, working safely and performing high-quality work leads to increased productivity and many benefits to all Stakeholders. Some of the factors affecting quality, safety, and productivity are communication deficiencies, inadequate education and training, and workplace dissatisfaction. Important discussion topics include:

  • How quality, safety, and productivity impact one another and the quality of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Observed poor-quality work is not only a Contractor issue; many times, communication deficiencies amongst various Stakeholders is the culprit
  • Stakeholders should ensure a complete scope of work (“SOW”), including applicable drawings, are communicated and understood by Contractor
    • Making assumptions may lead to poor-quality work
  • Training and education play an important role in employee commitment, work quality, and workplace safety
    • Successful training programs include (i) providing employees with accurate information; (ii) clearly communicated training; and (iii) training that is relevant to an employee’s job function.
  • How to create a working environment that is supportive of communication
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