Telecommunication supporting mounts, towers, and small cell structures are frequently exposed to changing equipment demands. Any change in equipment, scale or geometry of the structure, or the structure’s principal purpose that results in a 5% change in demand-capacity ratio is referred to as a “Changed Condition” as defined by the ANSI/TIA-222-H. This white paper seeks to logically assess the risk associated with appurtenance changes on existing structures. A qualified engineer should conclude whether a Changed Condition is significant through careful evaluation. This TIF White Paper provides examples of best-practices in how to evaluate Changed Conditions, along with discussion on when the best-practice may not be appropriate. Additional concepts discussed are: 

  • Changed Condition
    • Number and/or size of mounted appurtenances
    • Change to a more stringent in Risk Category
    • Change in serviceability 
    • Structural modification to the lateral and vertical load supporting systems
  • PE Letter vs. Feasibility Study vs. Comprehensive Structural Analysis
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