With the increase demand for connectivity to telecommunications infrastructure, the deployment and utilization of small cell and other diverse applications are rising. This TIF White Paper provides structure owners, regulators, inspectors, and customers with a better understanding of what codes and standards should be followed when designing and analyzing the various types of telecommunications structures. Detailed outlines of the proper codes and standards that should be used during the analysis of the below listed small cell structures has been provided in this TIF White Paper.

  • Illustrative Examples and Design Requirements:
    • Wooden Poles
    • FRP Pole
    • Aluminum Light Poles
    • Steel Light Poles
    • Traffic Light/Sign Support Structure
    • Billboards – Small Cell
  • Codes and Standards:
    • AASHTO
    • ANSI O5.1
    • ANSI-TIA-222-H
    • ANSI/ACMA/UCSC UP01-18-2019
    • ASCE
    • ASTM
    • IBC
    • NESC
    • USDA
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