Mount Analysis: Recommended Best Practices

TIA standards have been continually evolving to promote engineering best practices and hold a minimum requirement for analysis parameters through ongoing discussion.  This TIF White Paper is intended to promote the sharing of information amongst industry stakeholders regarding design, installation, and maintenance standards of antenna mounts. Wide adoption of the items covered in this white paper will increase the level of consistency in mount analysis results between engineering vendors. Specific topics discussed:

  • Initial concerns guiding White Papers and the development process
  • Degrees of Failure:
    • Serviceability
    • Impacting
    • Critical
    • Catastrophic
  • Analysis and Modeling Complexities
    • Modeling Guidance – center to center modeling provides a higher analysis accuracy
    • Bolt Fixity Considerations – engineering judgment is required to apply correct releases while avoiding modeling instabilities
    • Loading Application – Applying appurtenance loads at attachment point rather than at the location of the centroid
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