Structural Standards for antennas and their supporting structures are outlined in ANSI/TIA-222.

These set of standards comply with the International Building Code (“IBC”) while providing guidance for the procurement, design parameters, and maintenance and condition assessments of these antenna supporting structures. This PAN specifically focuses on Maintenance and Condition Assessment of towers, as outlined in the below listed sections of ANSI/TIA-222:

  • ANSI/TIA-222
    • Section 14 – Maintenance and Condition Assessment
    • Section 14.4 (Rev H) – Recommended Intervals for Inspection
    • Annex J
      • Maintenance and Condition Assessment Checklist
      • Field Mapping
      • Twist/Out of Plumb Charts for Guys Towers
    • Annex K
      • Guyed Wire Tension, Twist, and Plumb
      • Means and Methods: ANSI/ASSE A10.48
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