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TIF Board Member Changes for 2024

Starting 2024, TIF has board member changes including Vice-Chair Scott Stekr stepping down and Dale Heath elected as the new Vice-Chair. In addition, we welcome two new board members, Karmen Rajamani and Anthony Castillo.

As of December 31st, 2023, Mr. Scott Stekr has stepped down from the TIF Board of Directors. On behalf of the TIF Board of Directors, committee members, and volunteers, we would like to thank Scott and recognize him for his numerous contributions to TIF over the past several years as a board member and Vice-Chair. This is a decision that Scott has made in a desire to support the entire industry as he has accepted appointment to the editorial committee for TIA’s TR 14 committee. In Scott’s role as Vice-Chair, he helped lead the board through the growth of the organization and was directly involved in the creation and implementation of the marketing and testing committees. Not only was he directly involved in the revamp of the TIF website, but he has been directly involved in two of the tests that TIF has conducted. Scott spearheaded the development of the TIF podcast, Industry Therapy, and will continue to be one of the main contributors.

Dale Heath has been elected as TIF Vice-Chair of the TIF Board of Directors. Dale has been a part of the TIF efforts from the very beginning and was one of the first people included as the TIF goals were being discussed and formalized. Dale has repeatedly brought his concern, knowledge and heart to the sharing of knowledge to aid with the quality and safety for the telecommunications industry. He is supportive of any efforts to raise awareness and increase the knowledge shared with others and brings the experience of working in the field deploying and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure for many years. After his time in the field, Dale transitioned to a manufacturing role where he continues to use his knowledge and expertise to help others by sharing information and resources. Dale Heath currently serves as the Director of Engineering & Commercial Initiatives for Valmont Site Pro. He has been in the industry for over 38 years and has experience including commercial construction, site construction, business unit leader for manufacturing, product management and engineering.

Newly nominated Karmen Rajamani and Anthony Castillo will be joining the TIF Board of Directors.

Karmen brings her over 25 years of experience within the telecommunications industry. She is currently the Vice President of Government Affairs for the Wireless Infrastructure Association, WIA and leads WIA’s state and local government efforts. At her former role at Crown Castle, she was also VP of Government Affairs and strategized with team to introduce new construction methods to state and local governments and communities as well as managed all state and municipal lobbyists.  Karmen’s extensive knowledge and experience with permitting, licensing, and site location leasing will be a great value add to the TIF board and she will apply this experience to the content produced by the TIF committees and board to the industry. The TIF board has committed to serving the industry including other associations such as the WIA.  Karmen in her role as the lead for WIA’s state and local government efforts will allow her to work to share the needs of the industry and all the women and men that support this great industry

Anthony brings more than 20 years of experience within the telecommunications industry. He is currently the Sales Director at PerfectVision and in this role Anthony is responsible for educational outreach along with supporting industries efforts to increase awareness of the regulations, codes and standards and how proper application can improve quality and control costs while achieving a safe install through effective communication. He is a perfect fit for TIF which seeks to educate, inform uplift the communications industry.

“We couldn’t be happier to add the knowledge and expertise of Karmen and Anthony to the board. Their experience, combined with the complementary expertise of the existing TIF board members will help us expand the range of topics that we can address to help educate the telecom industry.” Michelle Kang, TIF Chair.

“We are excited to be supporting the development of TIF White Papers. Current TIF White Papers include subjects that range from Climbing facilities, Small Cell Intended Use, Quantum Computing and Cyber Security. The board is currently developing a platform to allow various industry stakeholders to provide feedback in order to support the sharing of knowledge and information.”

Scott Vance, TIF Chair

“I am honored to announce the board has approved the support of the Feed the Troops 2019 campaign with a goal of raising $50,000.00 for this worthwhile effort. Additional information on this initiative can be found on the TIF website.”

Michelle Kang, TIF Vice Chair

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